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20 June
Majority have suffered alteration

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Bona-Certified Craftsmen

Hand Buffing using hard wax penetrating oilUnlike the competition, New England Custom Floors’ on the job standard preparation procedures include two additional steps:

  1. Detailed sanding called hard plating involves using a 3-disk machine to give a flat topography to the floor, making it prime for stain application
  2. Protecting walls with plastic safely taped on, from top to bottom, to ensure greatest protection

scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into

Sub-floor Preparation

  1. We leave a 3/4″ expansion to starting wall & perpendicular to adjacent wall, and 1/4″ toward the right side wall.
  2. Flatness- Sub-floor surface should be flat to a maximum tolerance of 3/16′ (15 mm) per 10’ radius. If sub floor needs to be prepped to meet requirements, there will be at an additional cost.
  3. Dry: Sub-floor must be dry and within moisture reading specs.
  4. Plywood should not exceed 12% of moisture. Concrete slab should not exceed 3 lbs. of moisture per 1,000 S; Please note if mitigation is required there will be an additional fee.
  5. Clean: At no additional cost, we will vacuum sub-floor of any debris or obstacles, such as cleats, nail heads, dried glue or any open wood grill vent before beginning any project.
  6. Moisture level: The temperature must be maintained between 65 and 75 degrees, and relative humidity must be maintained between 35 and 50 degrees at all times (preferred at 45 degrees).
  7. Acclimation: Wood will have to be acclimated for a period of 14 days in the area where flooring is to be installed. Moisture reading of the sub-floor and wood floor will be taken date of delivery of materials and installation starting date.

Our goal – no matter what size project – is for our customers to end up with exceptional hardwood floors. Our on the job employees are meticulous with any finish application.

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